Fabrica Vilar

Porto, 2021-2022

Real Estate & Creative Industries

Ribemon Partners

Mixed Use Real Estate

Scope of services

Strategic Concept Development

Fabrica Vilar is a mixed use development that will host Co-Living, Co-Working, Retail spaces, Community Club, F&B, Private Residences and a Museum. We have suggested the addition of a bicycle station as well as the design of a bicycle specifically for this property, to be developed in collaboration with the city of Porto. While cherishing the heritage and history of the space, the opportunity lends itself to contribute with positive impulses suggesting a healthier lifestyle while being environmentally friendly.

For the development of the concept we have applied the Marina Ostrowski Method – MOM™ for real estate development. We took into consideration Social Impact, Sustainable development, Circular and Shared Economy, Design, Heritage, History as well as the city and neighbourhood context. Besides the obvious aspects we have also studied and considered global trends and tendencies, and local demand.

Part of the MOM™ approach sees the reuse and recycling of materials, integration of local manufacturers and entrepreneurs, the celebratory approach to the architecture, meaning that all angles and walls are repurposed and recycled leading to lower intervention on architecture and a beautiful contribution on preserving history at a 1922 purposefully developed manufacturing plant. We review the story and repurpose it, with charm, practicality and a relevant story.