Casa Os. – Successful Living

Lisbon, Founded in 2014. Project in progress.

Real Estate & Creative Industries

World of Os. Unipessoal LDA

Co-Housing/ Co-Living

Scope of services

Sustainable residential development: Live. Work. Be.


Sustainable real estate development targeting young professionals, nomads, as well as small families – those who enjoy the privacy as much as the access to the local community. A place where design and development take the lead and where sustainability goes beyond architecture. Designing the living of today and tomorrow. (not everybody is a nomad!)

Collaboration and copyrights

All copyrights reserved for World of Os. Unipessoal LDA 2019

Casa Os. is the modern interpretation of a co-housing/co-living development. It is the birth of a global brand with the backbone of a strong real-estate development project, that reduces the risk of investment while raising value and volume through branding and operations.

A nice room with laminate flooring just won’t do any longer, and overpaying for m2 will not satisfy the buyers either. In times of “Co-Living, Co-Working, Co-Existing” the future living space needs to be all and more.
We have an opportunity to explore the market and tap into upcoming trends, without creating too big of a gap from the “NOW”.