Live HAPPilly

Berlin, 2011-2012

Horeca, Creative Industries

Mobilised over 100 influencers, 40 unique spaces in the city, programming, PR, strategic partnerships and beyond.
Captured 5000 subscribers with 20% returning visitors 59,000 page visits / 21,000 unique visitors to the website.
The campaign was extended to other cities in Europe.

Brand Awareness, Activation and Positioning Campaign

Scope of services

Campaign conceptualisation, Brand positioning strategy, implementation, project planning and management, creative direction, PR and marketing, curation, sourcing and managing international artist and designers. Development of online platform, programming, events.


Strategic partnership with 40 restaurants, hotels and stores, promotional material, dedicated website and blog with curated content.

In 2011, Illy Coffee approached Marina Os. to help shift their branding strategy from a product focus to engagement around social consciousness. Illy is known for fostering sustainability and has been recognised with awards many times for their initiatives. Through strategic partnerships and defined marketing objectives, Marina Os. developed a brand activation strategy to run under the label of “Live HAPPilly”, a slogan that the ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi created.
Illy’s desire to exhibit a wider purpose inspired Marina Os. to create a concept involving the whole city of Berlin, activating a range of channels. Marina Os. negotiated partnerships with local stores, hotels, restaurants and cafes to turn the city into “The World’s Largest Espresso Bar”. Partner brands included the Boros Bunker, Andreas Murkudis store and gallery, the Marriott hotel, SOTO store, Berlin Fashion Week, Berlinische Galerie and many others. A custom map of Berlin and specially branded bikes encouraged people to discover the campaign’s sites.

Marina Os. then launched a website with curated content about the city, its activities and its people. Marina Os. partnered with bloggers and trendsetters to create custom content about their experience in the city. Event programmes associated with the brand, such as barista workshops and coffee culture talks were executed, which allowed people to discover Illy by seeing it through the eyes of their city.

Said about the project

“We like to say that illy offers “sips of happiness” throughout the day – a short break from work, a conversation with an old friend, or a moment to relax and enjoy the beauty of art and coffee…” — Illy Press Releases