Design Quarter, Alte Münze

Berlin, 2010-2012

Real Estate & Creative Industries

Financial and Conceptual Bidding Process for Private Investor Towards German Government

16.000 square metres

Mixed-use Real Estate

Scope of services

Usability concept, property rehabilitation strategy, government bidding process, lobbying.


Design Museum Berlin, International Interdisciplinary Academy for Design, boutique hotel, light manufacturing facilities, offices, retail, dining.



The Design Quarter unites experiences, learning, production, exhibitions and exchange under one roof. In 2010, the Berlin municipal authorities called for conceptual and financial bids to rehabilitate the historic Alte Münze (Old Coin Factory) building. The contract was awarded to Marina Ostrowski and consortium, who led the concept development to revolutionising the way people experience design, which earned the support of academics and the cultural secretary.
The concept was based on a partnership strategy that encourages collaboration among professionals, students, cultural and business organisations, and the local community. Berlin Museum of Design is the centrepiece of the Design Quarter, showcasing developments in contemporary design, while the Design Academy fosters dialogue between students and professionals. The idea was to build a community around this independent design museum to encourage experimentation across creative practices in a creative hub with various ports, including a production studio, workshops, retail spaces and other facilities.

The platform encourages the creative community to support each other by working and growing together, creating broadly shared value-ad. The project was welcomed by all key players and considered a great solution for activating the city.

Said about the project

“The project has been met with success, and part of it due to your ideas and actions… In addition, your project consultation and development in creating bonds with the local administration has placed us in a good position to work on interesting private-public partnerships.” — Project Investor