MOTO Lisbon

Lisbon, 2016

Creative Industries

World of Os.


Scope of services

Foster, consult and support of emerging artists and businesses with cultural essence.


Strategic partnerships, exhibition and office space.

Sustainable cities are cities with creative content. The vision was to create a platform by connecting the right goals, policies, projects and people to positively influence the cities we live in.
Occupying the former Motodiesel shop in Cais do Sodré, once an industrial maritime area, Marina imagined a design for the interior that reflects the space’s history while demonstrating its usability by highlighting the link between the structure and the activities it contains. Marina created a visual concept by restoring discarded artefacts into art and design pieces.
Fuel filters became lamps and ship parts became wall decorations. The furniture was bought from charity organizations that support needy local communities in order to create sustainable benefits. Marina activated the space by hosting events for different organisations like NewCo Mini and offsite events during the Web Summit, as well as an art exhibition for the Brazilian artist Heberth Sobral.

Besides developing the physical space, Marina developed a business model and concept that interconnects every entity in the space. This encapsulates the overarching Marina Os. message: “Every piece is part of a bigger picture.”

Said about the project

“For a super motivated Lisbon” – MOTO Lisbon intends to create a platform for multidisciplinary cooperation with respect to sustainable city development of Lisbon” … [The space] will be a source of inspiration where signeries are shared and discover the potential for creating businesses.“ — Destak, Portuguese Daily Newspaper, 2016