Lisbon, 2014-2015

Creative Industries

Private Investor

5.300+ Facebook followers
First of its kind platform in Lisbon for bringing local and international artists and designers together
Established and brought local and international visibility to a unique creative community

Multi-functional Design/Art Space

Scope of services

Concept development, market analysis, brand and business strategy, design of company structure, strategic planning, selection and sourcing artists and designers, interior design, product-line development, brand and visual identity development, brand launch, PR, marketing and sales, website content management strategy.


Unconventional DesignArt gallery and an interactive space.

GivLOWE was a platform for Portuguese artists and designers, where the rules of the classic gallery environment are broken down to form new perspectives. Marina Os. acted as the consultant and concept developer of this multi-functional art space. Marina Os. gathered creative, non-tangible ideas and translated them into a sustainable, economically viable and visionary business case.
Marina Os. brought to the table business knowledge and experience in Creative Industries, as well as trend-forecasting services when developing the project and the brand DNA with the investor.

Through workshops, research, dialogue, field work and market analysis with the client, Marina Os. developed a brand strategy and a detailed outline of the business potential and investment needs during the stages of the development process. Marina Os. was also responsible for the implementation, design and long-term management of the creative business.

Said about the project

GivLOWE is, it may be said, a kind of creative factory that brings together a community of artists, Portuguese and foreign, who exhibit and sell works of art and bold design pieces.In the space that was not used since the 70’s, even the bathroom walls are in tune with the concept, thanks to a huge illustration. — Time Out Lisboa, “Art is With the Glasses in Sao Paulo”, 27 August 2014