Real Estate and Creative Industries — Hospitality, Art

Pestana Hotel Group

Strategic Art Curation, PR and Media Strategies, Sponsorship Strategies

Scope of services

Concept development, artists selection, strategic curatorial services, content development, PR and marketing development, website content and management strategy.


Conceptualised 3 major exhibitions, 1 student exhibition with 30 artists and 30 unique, site-specific installations.
Project strategy aimed at 7 cities in 5 countries (Cascais, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Miami).

Collaboration and copyrights

Renders credits: DC.AD Duarte Caldas

Pestana Cidadela Art District (CAD) is a venue for arts and culture situated in the Cascais suburb of Lisbon. With a focus on Portuguese artists, it was founded to build bridges around the world and explore new aspects of art. For the Pestana Cidadela Art District, Marina Os. created a strategy to attract new and returning guests with a dialog that extends to the wider community with concurrent events in London, Berlin, Barcelona, Miami, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
Today’s hotels have to think beyond selling rooms and spaces for events. A big success factor is the size of a hotel’s social network and the PR outreach they deliver through content-driven initiatives. The CAD is a marketing tool with the potential to become its own brand, a business or a CSR platform.

Marina Os. imagined CAD as a creative hub connecting the Pestana Group hotels globally. The goal is not to place high-end art on walls but to create a platform for the arts and culture, to create value through content and use art as a medium for interaction, as an emotional influence and therefore a sales force.
Marina Os. curated a theme that explores the relationship between art and architecture. In collaboration with MART School, Marina Os. coached students on understanding the functionality of spaces and selected their art to exhibit at the CAD. International reach was attained through sponsorship requests and media coverage. This strategic partnership would put Pestana Cidadela Cascais hotel and the Pestana CAD project on a global cultural map, with the aim of generating business and raising awareness of Portugal’s artistic talents.
Unique content was created to bridge international hospitality, commerce and local culture. Marina Os. Developed strategic partnerships with local art galleries, as well as local and international institutions.