Mercury Towers
Zaha Hadid Architects for J Portelli Projects

Malta, Paceville St Julians, 2019-Present

Real Estate & Creative Industries

ca 40.000m2

Mixed-use Real Estate Development

Scope of services

Usability concept development.
More information coming soon.


Architecture: Zaha Hadid Architects
Construction and Development: J Portelli Projects

“Zaha Hadid Architects reveals plans for Malta’s tallest building.”

J Portelli Projects have undertaken to change the face of Malta to a new degree, by developing the tallest buildings on the island besides bringing top-end architect Zaha Hadid, and Zaha Hadid Architects team to Malta. The Mercury Towers are one of the last projects that Zaha Hadid was involved in personally before her passing. The ambitious project aims to activate the rather undeveloped area of Paceville / St Julians and bring top-end retail and commercial outlets, besides international artists and designers to the country. Marina Os. team is proud to lead the journey towards creative growth and positioning not only of the Mercury Towers however as effect onto the neighbourhood and island itself.
The usability concept and curatorial strategy will be revealed shortly.